Device for pressing the stator to the housing of the electric motor

Purpose: The device is part of a production line and is aimed for tightening a finished stator in a housing of the electric motor. The process is controlled by a force gauge and routes imprinting.
zatisk_statorja_1zatisk_statorja_2 Characteristics:

  • ergonomically designed workplace with a manual serving
  • part of production line, use of standardised transport pallets
  • manual insertion of stator on claw part of the machine
  • possibility of pressing the different heights of the stator
  • imprinting control:
    • recording of force of imprinting within dependence from depth
    • adjustable test criteria
    • choice of program of the test through touch screen
    • graphic screen
    • display the result on screen
    • interfaces: RS485, Profibus and digital IO
    • ensured suitable consent of parcel in casing
  • without door, use of light curtain
  • massive realisation with welded lower part of casing
  • possibility of connection in control network
  • device management via graphical touch screen – HMI