Device for stamping sleeves into aluminum cast

Purpose: The device is intended for controlling the dimensions of aluminum castings and stamping bushes. Given the technological requirements are enforced separation and identification of suitable and unsuitable pieces.
vtiskovanje_pus1vtiskovanje_pus2 Characteristics:

  • possibility of controlling four kinds of castings
  • manually inserting casts into input hive
  • the use of stepper manipulator to move the pieces in the machine
  • transport of aluminium castings between working stations is performed with rotary index table (6 positions)
  • implementation of control height:
    • calibration of the reference piece
    • user-specified criteria (border) on a piece of Compliance
    • measurement of the height of two or three
  • stamping bushes
    • use of the tank bushings for longer autonomy of operation
    • controling the piece in the course of imprinting
  • marking of good pieces with needle markup system (point engraving):
    • control unit with a graphical touch screen
    • possibility of connecting into network
    • programming with computer
    • enable display of graphic, numeric, alphabetic codes and 2D codes
  • automatic ejection of bad pieces
  • controlled process of putting of bad pieces
  • device management via graphical touch screen – HMI
  • check the adequacy of the functioning of the device and adjusting certain parameters of the control standards and the appropriate program
  • upgrade option for automated (robotic) equipment operation

vtiskovanje_pus4 vtiskovanje_pus5