Device for threading screw with washer

Purpose: The device is intended for deployment (tightening) screws with washers in aluminum casting. Quality is checked with a camera and linear meter. Further base of pieces is guided additionally with recorded parameters of screw.
Uvijanje_vijaka1Uvijannje_vijaka_2 Characteristics:

  • ergonomically designed workplace with a manual serving
  • insertion of washers and screws separated in broken condition in vibrators
  • procedure of assembly of a washer and a screw is found out with the pneumatic manipulator
  • control is carried out in the presence of washers having convoluted screw during:depths of a tightend screw
    • verifications with machine vision (camera)
    • achieved circumstances
  • possibility of adjustment criteria for the depth of a tightened screw
  • screwing with servo motor
    • adjustment of torque for screwing of the screw
  • managing the database of produced pieces
    • on a personal computer
    • overview history
    • recording of time, moment and depth of screwing of the screwUvijanje_vijaka3
    • filter for recorded parameters
    • upgrade options
    • flexibility
  • control of the screw with a camera
    • independent control of product
    • possibility of adaptation on other shape of a screw/washer
    • additional condition for compliance of piece
  • integrated UPS for safe shutdown of personal computer and database
    • two-handed start of process
    • controlled process of putting of bad pieces
    • manage of the device through graphic touch screen – HMI
    • short time of testing cycle
    • the massive realisation with welded bottom part of casing
    • upgrade option for automated (robotic) serving of machine