Device for mounting installation components casting – KVT

Purpose: Robotic insertion of expanders (KVT pins) in an aluminum casting with a view to closing the technological holes. In addition is carried out imprinting rubberized metal lid, whereby is controlled path and the force of pressing.montaza_ulitka_1 Characteristics:

  • manually inserting an aluminum casting to index table – with the possibility for future hardware investment,
  • robotic take-away of piece from index table,
  • dosing expanders with a system of vibrating the containers and linear vibrators,
  • separated hopper for two types of expanders,
  • filling the tank of KVT during operation,
  • magazines for storing rubber stoppers,
  • mounting a piece to expander KVT guns and implementation of riveting,
  • disposal of piece back on index table and optical measurement of presence of KVT stopper,


  • filling rubber stoppers without stopping process,
  • control of force and press-in displacement of imprinting of rubber stoppers,
  • manual withdrawal of the finished piece,montaza_ulitka_3
  • controlled process of putting of bad pieces,
  • between the established parts is standardized industrial communication protocol,
  • management of cells from one location (touch screen),
  • providing security – security curtains and safety locks,
  • massive welded basic iron construction (base),
  • device is adapted to work with two types of casting,
  • flexibility in case of changes in workpiece
  • open design – the option of upgrading to automatic operation or group remote control,
  • checking the operation of the machine with etalon pieces.

montaza_ulitka_4 montaza_ulitka_5