Leakage testing device

Machine for leakage testing, thread presence and holes passability on the aluminium casting and marking accordance with established quality.

Kontrola tesnosti


  • ergonomically designed workplace with a manual serving
  • controlling of aluminium castings is carried out on a few work stations simultaneously
  • simultaneous implementation of controlling and serving of machine
  • transport of aluminium castings between working stations is performed with rotary index table (6 positions)
  • leakage testing:
    • differential method
    • option of temperature compensation
    • many different programs of measuring
    • adjustable times of filing, stabilisation and measuring 
    • graphical display
    • result is displayed on LCD display
    • interfaces: RS323, Profibus, USB and digital IO
  • testing presence of threads with optical fiber
  • measuring the temperature of aluminium casts
  • marking of good pieces with pin marking machine:
    • control unit with graphical touch screen
    • Ethernet connection
    • programming with PC
    • marking graphics, characters, DataMatrix or QR
  • marking pieces of weak quality:
    • colour graphic marking – line
    • marking with various pencils
  • verification of device operation and setting some control parameters with standards and appropriate program
  • two-handed start of process
  • controlled process of putting of bad pieces
  • device management via graphical touch screen – HMI
  • short time of testing cycle
  • upgrade option for automated (robotic) serving of machine